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About Us : Mission

The company name, Minfon, was first used by our founder’s grandfather for his small business in the early sixties. Our founder reuses the name to remind himself of the business fundamentals, and that the mission of our company is bigger than oneself. Drawing upon the same legacy of success, we believe that business is another artistic form of creativity, passion, and integrity. These characteristics are clearly demonstrated by our teammates' dedicated service and performance.

Minfon Group is now the parent company of different brands in the US and Greater China. It also consists of advisory practices for global companies.

As a company, we compete and cooperate in this ever-changing business world. We are committed to quality performance and know how to leverage the advantages of our team's information base and talent. We employ people who are bright, honest, and willing to take on big challenges and see them through. As a global citizen, we think and act globally. We show leadership in supporting the communities in which we work and live.





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