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Minfon Launches new initiative, Korculas, to streamline the manufacturing process for US companies

Menlo Park, CA

Mar 24, 2006

Minfon, Inc., a global organization that utilizes resources in technology, people, and capital in Greater China and the US announced today that it is launching the beta site for its new initiative, Korculas, the leading provider of industry-specific information on low-cost, offshore contract manufacturers and the outsourcing process in Greater China.

Korcula (pronounced Kor-CHEW-la) is the birthplace of Marco Polo, a European explorer and one of the first Westerners to travel to China, accelerating the connection between Asia and the West. Like Marco Polo, Korculas aims to improve the understanding and relationships between groups from different countries. At Korculas, we serve companies contemplating outsourcing manufacturing in Greater China or expanding or improving existing relationships with offshore or near-shore contract manufacturers. Korculas members will also be assisted with cutting edge technologies for greater efficiency and visibility into their transaction process with overseas manufacturers. Currently, the access of the beta site is only limited to select US manufacturers, distributor, and start-ups.

For more information about Korculas and this press release, please call us at 650-298-8200.

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