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MinfonSupplier Completes Demo Site for Manufacturing Outsourcing

Sunnyvale, CA

Jan 12, 2007

Minfon, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed the first phase of prototype for MinfonSupplier, a web site for industry-specific information on low-cost, offshore contract manufacturers and the outsourcing process in Greater China.

At MinfonSupplier, the Company plans to serve US small to medium-sized companies contemplating outsourcing manufacturing in Greater China or expanding or improving existing relationships with offshore or near-shore contract manufacturers. MinfonSupplier will streamline the manufacturing outsourcing process by providing on-line collaboration tool assisted with cutting edge technologies for greater efficiency and visibility into their transaction process with overseas manufacturers.

“Minfon is a new kind of consulting firm that constantly pushes the envelope in our research and development efforts to offer innovative solutions and services into existing vertical markets. We have long been launching new, innovative projects to pursue opportunities in the industry,” said Ken Chang, Founder of Minfon, Inc..

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