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Minfon signed an agreement with the Girvan Institute of Technology to represent its expansion to Greater China

Mountain View, CA

Jul 17, 2003

Mr. Ken Chang, Founder & Principal of Minfon, Inc., an international business strategy firm specializing on US and Greater China, announced today that he has signed an agreement with Girvan Institute of Technology, a non-profit corporation chartered to foster public - private partnerships for NASA, in representing its expansion opportunities to the Greater China.

Mr. Chang will provide services for future collaborations in research, technology development, technology commercialization, and the development of financial resources for enterprises engaged in such commercialization in these customer countries.

In particular, the agreement allows Mr. Chang and Girvan together to:

  • Enhance the scope and scale of activities: Mr. Chang can provide connections to customer country offset related organizations while Girvan can provide access to government and private sector resources relevant to technology development initiatives;

  • Increase the leverage from private sector sources: Girvan can help provide access to capital and entrepreneurial networks in the U.S, while Mr. Chang can support developing relationships with funding resources in Greater China.

  • Share best practices and business approaches: Girvan and Mr. Chang have similar interests and motivations driving commercialization processes, and agree that close engagement with both private equity sources and private sector business partners is essential.

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