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Minfon selected by Airware Inc. to provide consulting service on manufacturing

Mountain View, CA

Feb 05, 2004

Silicon Valley based international business strategy firm, Minfon, Inc. today announced it has been chosen by Airware, Inc. to seek out manufacture partners and potential investments in Greater China.

Airware provides indoor air quality monitoring, DCV and enterprise solutions, and is founded by Dr. Jocob Y. Wong. Dr. Wong, a 14-year HP veteran with more than 30 years experience, is a well-known scientist in the invention of the so-called "waveguide" gas sample chamber through which long-awaited compact, rugged, low-cost and reliable infrared gas sensors of all types are realized today. As Airware being Dr. Wong's third company, with previous two sold to well-known corporations, Dr. Wong realizes the shift of market dynamic and the important role China is playing right now. He is also excited about the resources Minfon will bring and the manufacturing partnership that can take Airware to the next level.

Under the terms of their agreement, Minfon will identify and introduce Airware to potential manufacture partners, investors, and joint ventures in the US and Greater China.

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