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Minfon Co-hosts Investment Forum for TEDA from China

Menlo Park, CA

Sept 27, 2004

Minfon, Inc., a global organization that utilizes resources in technology, people, and capital, today announced it is co-hosting an investment forum for Tianjin Economic Development Area in China. This unique event, intended for upper-level corporate executives, introduces a delegation from Tianjin's Economic Development Area (TEDA, http://www.teda.gov.cn), including TEDA's Chairman Mr. Yong Li.

TEDA is an organization that was established in 1984 with the approval of the State Council of the People's Republic of China. Since its founding, it has attracted more than 120 partner companies, including: Motorola, Toyota, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Eastman Chemical, and Pepsi Co. Today, it sustains more than 250,000 inhabitants, and has received more than $19 billion in foreign direct investment. The Tianjin area is also geographically advantageous due to its proximity to Beijing. Moreover, it possesses a developed transportation and communication network, as well as, an abundant supply of educated workers.

This investment forum gives Silicon Valley executives the opportunity to learn about TEDA's history, its future possibilities and vision, and how TEDA can benefit local organizations. It is also an opportunity for attendees to network with firms that want to explore business opportunities with both Chinese and multinational U.S. firms, and meet with senior representatives of TEDA. Minfon and its partners are hosting this invitation-only event in the Capital Club, San Jose, on Oct. 20, 2004.

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