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Minfon Assists UnifiedMarket, Inc. in Tapping into Resources in Greater China

Menlo Park, CA

Nov 15, 2004

Minfon, Inc., a global organization that utilizes resources in technology, people, and capital in Greater China and the US, today announced it has been retained by the UnifiedMarket, Inc. for marketing and fundraising activities in Greater China.

The UnifiedMarket was formed by Mr. William Owens, who served as a Chairman and CEO of a publicly held energy technology company from February 1980 to July 1995. Mr. Owens has the track record of attracting a talented management team and building a successful global company. He envisions the UnifiedMarket to offer investors a more transparent and cost-effective worldwide trading marketplace for all securities that have been issued by public reporting companies, as well as financial instruments issued by government entities. In addition, it will facilitate private placements of securities by all issuers.

Under the terms of their agreement, Minfon will provide non-exclusive services to the UnifiedMarket in connection with marketing the Company's business and planned services to financial intermediaries and qualified investors in Greater China.

For more information about this press release, please call us at 650-298-8200.

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