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Minfon Partnered with Chinese Products Promotion Center for Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Menlo Park, CA

May 11, 2005

Minfon, Inc., a global organization that utilizes resources in technology, people, and capital in Greater China and the US announced yesterday an alliance with Taiwan-based Chinese Products Promotion Center to facilitate Minfon's Strategic Sourcing Solutions service.

The transnational cooperation underlines Minfon's ambition to have a broader and deeper coverage of the manufacturer database Minfon's clients can tap into and to expedite the process of identifying the potential manufacturers that matches our criteria. Under the alliance, Chinese Products Promotion Center will also handle the logistics of matching the potential manufacturer list, receiving product samples and quotations, and visiting the manufacturer facilities.

Chinese Products Promotion Center was originally created and funded by Taiwan government. It is also the organization that publishes the guide book for Taiwanese manufacturers and those that have branched out their facilities in China -- a strategy has been implemented by many manufacturers in Taiwan.

In light of rapid changes in the US market and fierce competition, the cooperation adds another layer of coverage from Minfon's existing manufacturing partners and provides our clients an access to capitalize on the resources outside their own domain.

For more information about this press release, please call us at 650-298-8200.

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