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Minfon specializes in working with companies in both Greater China and the US. The following is the partial list of companies Minfon's team of professional have assisted.

Castrol 20/20 Challenge is a program held in London and Shanghai designed to look for and invest in entrepreneurs and companies building material businesses beyond today's lubricant products. It provides an opportunity for startups to develop their company in partnership with Castrol and BP Group.

Formerly a subsidiary of North 22 Group listed in Singapore run by former senior executives from HP, N22 is focusing on the development of management software to satisfy the demand of users in operation management and bridge the existing product gap in the Cloud computing arena.

Menlo College, a prestigious four-year private college based in Silicon Valley, California. Established in 1927, the school's curriculum reach truly spans the globe - with exemplary faculty and student exchange programs at Harris Manchester College at Oxford University (England) and Peking University in China.

The Tech Museum Awards, presented by Applied Materials, Inc., is a unique and prestigious program that honors and awards innovators from around the world who use technology to benefit humanity in the categories of Education, Equality, Environment, Economic Development, and Health.

Real Tone Technology Corporation is a publicly traded company in Taiwan. RTT produces caller ID phones and cameras, with more than 23 production lines and 1800 employees. The company also has manufacturing facilities in China.

The Unified Market is a worldwide securities marketplace for continuous display and routing of offers between electronic securities trading markets, institutional investors, securities dealers and their customers.

Advance Travel Nurses was founded by a veteran traveling nurse with a mission to fulfill the shortage of hospital nurses and to provide quality nursing care for patients. The company is attentive to seamless travel and accommodation support and to the quality services delivered to on-site nurses.

Broadband Rhapsody is an Ethernet-to-the-Home (ETTH) service provider that delivers a quality, simple, and ultra high-speed symmetric Internet connectivity at 10Mbps and beyond, surpassing services such as DSL, cable modem, satellite, and other "wideband" solutions in the market place today.

The Girvan Institute of Technology fosters public-private partnerships for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that accelerate the development and application of cutting edge technologies by aligning NASA's mission needs with private-sector research and development and venture capital communities.

Airware provides indoor air quality monitoring, DCV and enterprise solutions, and is founded by a well-known scientist in the invention of the so-called "waveguide" gas sample chamber through which long-awaited compact, rugged, low-cost and reliable infrared gas sensors of all types are realized today.

Signature Accents is the parent company of CityScarves.com. The San Francisco scarf was originally created for Mayor Willie Brown as a gift for visiting dignitaries and VIP's. People like Hillary Cliton and Sophia Loren have been gifted the scarf over the years.

The Glamor East, Inc. aspires to express the mixing elements of our life both in the US and Asia. Inspired by Asian history, tradition and culture, Glamor East presents creativity, passion, tradition, and modernism in the cloths they design. The Company was recently covered by San Jose Mercury News.

Opus Frequency Labs was founded by scientist Mike Hill from NASA Research. It is an independent designer of DJ and electronic music instruments and toys. OFL was created to provide DJ's and electronic musicians an independent outlet for custom equipment.

YesAsia.com is the leading Internet source for Asian entertainment products for the overseas Asian market and in-country markets in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other Asian countries, as well as serving Westerners interested in Asian culture.

The CCG Group is a Silicon Valley-based corporate training company that assists companies with advanced e-commerce strategies. They help clients with Unique Value Propositions, KPI, target audience, and Cost-per-Acquisitions to generate more sales leads.

The F&T Group is a medium-sized real estate development company and an umbrella organization comprised of a number of integrated real estate services companies in China and the US.

Touch2Give is a portal to shop for independent brands from all over the world. From fashion forward sustainable and ethical brands to couture and bespoken luxury brands.


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