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Services: Engineering Solutions

In today's challenging economy, companies are searching for effective ways to reduce costs and to find strategic sourcing partners outside their own domain areas. Therefore, outsourced services will continue to grow in popularity because they remain an avenue for improved organizational efficiency and reduced costs. In fact, our relationship with local manufacturers in Greater China can also benefit our US counterparts for the following services.

Strategic Sourcing Solutions:

  • Identify and select sourcing partners in Consumer Product industries.
  • Negotiate contracts and ensure that both parties have set performance measurements.
  • Monitor and manage an ongoing, profitable sourcing relationship.

Contract Manufacturing:

  • Board layout (P.C.B.) Software packages, Allegro, PADS, and Protel for early stage development.
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Design for Testability (DFT).
  • Analysis and survey of Contract Manufacturers for turnkey and consignment models.
  • Working with suppliers on cost reduction programs and roadmaps, technology roadmaps, capacity and component availability.
Strategic sourcing steps must be planned and executed carefully to be successful. Minfon's core function is to develop processes in a client’s operation to guarantee that all needs are met and that performance is tracked and reported. When we deliver, we leverage the experiences and resources we have and make sure the people you work with understand your company mission and expectation.







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“We didn't have much experience in manufacturing, and after months searching on our own for a manufacturer with little to show for it, we were introduced to Minfon. Within days after meeting with Minfon we were linked up with a manufacturer who was able to assemble our product quickly and correctly. Minfon's assistance got our product development and manufacturing unstuck.”

- Mr. Michael Hill, a scientist from NASA Research Park, CA