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International Strategic Alliance

Constrained by limited capital and managerial resources, many companies addressed these phenomena by teaming with other companies to access needed competencies. In fact, strategic alliances are generating a dramatically increasing percentage of revenue for companies worldwide. International Strategic Alliance typically falls into the categories below:

Minfon’s Approach

Many executives underestimate the magnitude of the time and effort required to forge sustainable alliances. Unless alliance skills are a core competency, the typical company will find it an overwhelming challenge to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation on the global stage. At Minfon, our approach for international strategic alliance is the following:

  • Partner Solicitation
  • Due Diligence
  • Valuations
  • Structure and Governance
  • Capital Access
  • Negotiation
  • Documentation
If your organizations lack the internal expertise to address these issues when you are deciding to partner with Greater China companies, you should consider retaining expertise from outside specialists, such as Minfon. Not only can Minfon help you find creative solutions to many of the complex issues that arise, but we can also act as a buffer between the parties to deflect and absorb the impact on the prospective partnership of disputes that almost certainly will arise during negotiations.

Raising Co-Investment Capital

Parties to an alliance do not necessarily invest equal sums of monetary capital. However, the party contributing the greater share may expect the other party to contribute a meaningful sum as a show of good faith and to better align incentives. Your company’s inability to contribute the required initial capital places the formation of the alliances itself at risk, or at a minimum, will alter the relationship between the parties.

At Minfon, we encourage our clients to look for different options of financing these opportunities. In fact, one of the options is for Minfon to help you tap into some of the financial resources in our network. We can assist you in sourcing the capital from one or more partners or from third parties; it may be contributed as equity or funded as debt.

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