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At Minfon, we specialize in working with companies to tap into Greater China and the US market either through organic growth, strategic partnership, joint venture, or mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Our area of expertise includes Internet & Media, Communications, Telecom, Software, Retail, Service, and Manufacturing. Minfon professionals are your partners that help you determine your entry strategy and negotiators with likely investors, partners and key governmental officials. We are your teammates from the moment we start to work together.

Globalization is no longer a strategy just for large corporations, but also appropriate for small to medium-sized companies that want to profit in this competitive business world. In fact, even a small store on the street needs to start considering how globalization will affect its business. Having a global strategy does not mean that every company should have branches all over the world in order to survive. It means adding a global perspective to your company direction today.

Performing on the world stage seems complex and frightening because companies are faced with more competitors now, but they also have more resources to utilize. If a potential competitor has the means to come from the other side of the world, it also implies that you can leverage the resources from that side of the planet too. If you do it right, it can be cheaper and more efficient than your existing business model.

The questions lie in what kind of resources you need, acquire and utilize outside your own immediate environment. Do you need technology, people and/or capital? Once these needs are identified, Minfon helps you locate the resources, find native language speakers, understand local business customs, make relationships in the chosen country with trustworthy businessmen and women. We bridge and close the gaps for you.


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