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Goals and Motivations for Companies Going Global:

  • Seek new markets for growth
  • Acquire advanced technology and management skills
  • Intense competition in domestic market
  • Diversify risks
  • Obtain production resources
  • Improve productivity
  • Respond to macro environment
  • Obtain overseas funding

At Minfon, our niche is working with companies in the US and Greater China to accomplish the goals listed above. One key differentiator about Minfon is that we sometimes lead an investment initiative or partner with our client  to capture a market opportunity by starting a separate entity or project together.  We are willing to take the risks because we have confidence in the team we build locally and the ability to make the best decision for the battle over the ups and downs of each project cycle.  

Every company has different needs and Minfon's team understands that your resources are limited. However, you still need to compete and grow within the constraints of your available resources. With every client and project, there are a few things we must agree upon upfront: expectations, resources, potential risks, and measurements. Minfon does much more than get in on the ground floor of your industry - we build the ground floor with you. We couple the unique Greater China and US market knowledge and experiences with a smoothly blended multicultural team that is able to function in both Greater China and Western business environments.

We understand that our clients' job is to increase value for their company as a whole and Minfon is to help them do that in the best, most practical ways possible.


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